Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank You: Senator Blutarsky Hits 10,000 Pageviews

After just a few days this blog has reached the minor milestone of 10,000 pageviews.

That's a drop in the bucket to the big dogs of the blogosphere, but I started this blog Monday wondering if anyone would have any interest whatsoever in my musings, so this has come as a very welcome surprise.

Thanks must go first and foremost to The Blogfather, Glenn Reynolds, who has graciously bestowed two instalanches on this blog. I have also gotten significant traffic from the guys at Power Line, who were nice enough to link to me, and Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, who generously named Senator Blutarsky the Newborn Blog of the Day yesterday.

Shameless self-promotion alert: See?! All the cool kids are linking to Senator Blutarsky. If you have a blog, you should link to me too! You want to be cool, don't you?

I have also gotten smaller numbers of incoming readers from National Review, Hot Air, Daily Caller, Gateway Pundit, and Via Meadia. I am proud to have attracted the interest of readers of sites of this quality.

Mostly, I just want to thank everyone who has taken the time to click through and read this blog, with special thanks to those who have left comments. I am honored by your readership. Today my post on bigotry attracted the first comments that disagreed with my post, and I am particularly gratified that both commenters disagreed quite agreeably. I hope this blog attracts more such commenters going forward.

Onward to 100,000 pageviews!


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