Friday, September 14, 2012

Rule 5 Post: Janina Gavankar Is Dreamy


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In previous Rule 5 posts I have rationalized the inherent shameless exploitation of the medium with some sort of political tie-in, such as potential replacements for those fading Obama posters, or Democratic Presidential tastes in mistresses, or the superiority of even Vietnamese air travel to our degrading government- and union-dominated airport experience. But this week I've got nothing, so I'll just post photos of an exceptionally beautiful woman and will be interested to see whether this attracts more or less traffic.

True Blood's season is over, and The League's season hasn't started yet, which means several weeks of television with no programs featuring the dreamy Janina Gavankar.

Let's not waste time trying to assign blame; this is quite obviously Obama's fault. But like most conservatives I have come to terms with the fact that part of my role in life is to clean up the messes left by feck-deficient liberals. In which spirit I present the following photos:

And in case you're wondering: Janina Gavankar's Bacon number is 3

Janina Gavankar and Circus-Szalewski appeared in Cup of My Blood.

Circus-Szalewski and Kevin Pollak appeared in Shredd

Kevin Pollak and Kevin Bacon appeared in A Few Good Men

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